Sunday Homilies

We keep all of our Sunday Homilies in one place for you to search through. Click through the years to browse our homilies from the past or listen through our most recent homilies listed below.

The World Has Lost Its Way

March 21, 2023

We Are Like Nails

March 12, 2023

When You Don't Know What's Next

March 05, 2023

A Blanket of Demonic Insanity

February 26, 2023

If You Understand it, it's not God

February 05, 2023

To Will God's Will Invites Scorn

January 29, 2023

It's Not Enough

January 22, 2023

The God Who Stoops Down

January 15, 2023

Star of Wonder, Star of Night

January 08, 2023

It was all God's doing

January 01, 2023
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